‘cuz I wouldn’t buy it anyway

So I didn’t make it into the Indie comix issue. I’m handling this rejection with grace and aplomb. Also, meet Townie Noah. He’s bound to be around. And someone got a summer haircut.061 - Good thing your rag.jpg



Keep Missoula from getting any weirder

060 - Keep missoula from getting any weirder

This is the comic that I sent in to the Indie! We’ll find out if they liked it in two days.

The Apocalypse, pt. 1: Chainsaw Bats!

058 - The Apocalypse, pt 1 Chainsaw Bats

From the Old School Life in a Black Hole comics folder.

Because I didn’t feel like drawing today and I have a massive amount of these older ones.

This is from the Apocalypse phase of the comics, wherein Andrew ended the world. Truly, some of my best work. The Chainsaw Bats, that is.