Business Cards

I’ve been making business cards for my comic.

From the back of beer six packs.

Business Cards 001


Lying is cheaper, Facebook

This is a bit of a cop out comic.

In the sense that this is the actual flyer that I’m going to be putting up around town, indeed like I’m advertising a band or trying to find a lost pet or befoul the good name of a former lover.

Joking. I’d never do that. I’m not in a band.

So I guess I’m taking this comic more seriously now?

053 - Lying is cheaper, facebook



My friend Andrew visited recently. In tribute, here’s one of my ancient Life in a Black Hole comics that featured him heavily.

052 - Duckhawk


If You Only Knew the Power…

047 - If you only knew the power

I have three criteria for judging a movie:

Would I see it in theaters?

Would I see in in theaters twice?

Would I own it?

Star Wars: the Force Awakens was an enthusiastic yes to all three questions.

Now if I can get a roomba in BB-8 form…


Food Court Ninja

Some old school Life in a Black Hole for you dorks!

044 - Food Court Ninja

Okay, so not all of the old school Life in a Black Hole comics were objectively good.


Doomed by Doggie Dinner

010 - Doomed by Doggie Dining

If you find yourself in a desert of dog food, you best make a boat to handle the gravy tempests.