Don’t ask for Quinoa, it never goes well

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Just a quiet night here at Life in a Black Hole studios. I’ll leave the vaguely racist binge-drinking to my neighbors.


Digit of Death

Was he a former soccer/football player, excommunicated for war crimes on the playing field?

An assassin specializing in the use of the hackey sack?

A mutant whose toe possesses zero point energy?

Such is the mystery of Doom-Toe.

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Constipation is a Culture

And now for some gentle ribbing of an antiquated scene…

Posers have a distinct air of relief about them

Hardcore? You don’t know the meaning of the word.


Food Paste Perspiration

Years ago, I had a job on campus at a call center. It was tedious and pointless work. We called up university alumni and asked them to donate to the university. College grads and college dropouts, not known for being particularly flush with cash, would often say no in many inventive and unkind ways. After awhile, I started drawing little comics to pass the time. Then I drew little comics instead of working. For about two years. Life in a Black Hole is sort of about that. Enjoy.

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